The Orc's Lair is the newest game store in the West Valley!

Formally known as Game Boutique, we've now changed ownership and our direction to be the friendliest, most welcoming game store in the world!  Our focus is community.  Without you, the customer, we are nothing! 

Our mission is simple:  provide the hottest and newest games at prices you can afford with friendly and knowledgeable staff and a super cool place to play.

ORC FACT: Did you know our store is themed? You bet it is!  Our medieval fantasy themed store will immerse you into the days of long ago, whether you are rolling a d20 to crit that goblin, or tapping your mana to unleash your best kept spell, you'll feel like you're there!

Loyalty Program:  Orc Rewards

Our customers matter and we have a free rewards program to show some love back.  Ask for details when you come by!

Events - All the Time!

We always have something going on at the Orc's Lair!  Tournaments, drafts, D&D and other RPG sessions, beginners nights, you name it!

Come in and grab a calendar of events or see our Meetup page

Beginner Nights

We were all new once!  Too nervous to jump into a Magic or X-Wing tournament?  No problem!  We have special events all the time for newbies.  Maybe you want to learn how to play, or would prefer an easy level tournament.  

​You'll find out how friendly and comfortable our store is!

About the Orc's Lair