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We do several events a day through the week!  Our goal is to provide events where everyone feels welcome.  Events should be considered less competitive, and more fun-focused!  Beginners and new players are welcomed!  Prizing for events goes to EVERYONE, not just the first place winners.

Join our discord to keep up to date with special events that are in addition to these weekly events!


Dragon Ball Fusion World 6:30pm

Pokemon League (FREE EVENT! 6:30pm


Yu-Gi-Oh League 6:30pm

Commander LeagueL 7pm


Learn to Play a Game (FREE!) 1pm - 9pm

Yu-Gi-Oh 6:30pm

Pokemon Gym Leader's Challenge 6:30pm

HeroClix 6:30pm 

Shadowverse Evolve 7pm


Grand Archive 6:30pm

Digimon 6:30pm

Commander Friday Night Magic: 7pm


Pokemon Standard 2:30pm

Flesh and Blood 3:30pm

Yu-Gi-Oh 3:30pm

Lorcana League 5pm

Find an Event!

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