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MouseFeed Issue #1

10 Foods That Make Us Giggle

We at MouseFeed (really just The Orc's Lair having a funny), like most civilized people, enjoy eating food. Not only does it taste good (most of the time, have you ever had black broccoli?!), it gives our bodies the vital nutrients to stay alive so we can keep doing what we enjoy doing, even if that doing is dumb! After all, who else is going to color Bene Breadstick on the Olive Garden kid's menu? Its safe to say, we like being alive! Here are 10 foods that we found that makes us smile or, at least, do a double take. Bon appetit, amigo!

1 Sophistication isn't just for the rich and famous. Anyone can live a life of luxury and finesse with the right outlook on life and a quick food hack which involves a little dishes-fu and switcharoo! Raise your glass a cheers to your good health with a kicked up version of Dinonuggies and Mac n' Cheese! Rawr!

2 If Cliff Huxtable invented the bacon burger dog on The 80's and 90's sitcom hit, The Cosby Show, here's what happens if you forget the bacon, focus on the burger and really get creative! Wow, what a unique shape! Its like a panama canal of foods!

3 Fan of stuffed crust pizza? We can't blame you! Who doesn't want cheese on top of cheese! Well, Pizza Hut allegedly has just what you need! Who needs all that pesky pizza in the way when you're really here for stuffed crust, and ONLY stuffed crust! Well thought, Hut! You did it again!

4 All this food is making us hungry, why not wash it down with a delicious, cold beverage! This boba may be unconventional, but I bet it hits the spot, if you're part mouse!

5 "Cowardly cowardly custard, you can't cut the mustard!," may be a line from the 1985 hit film Cocoon, but its no laughing matter when you're staying at a hotel and are out of town and can't find the dijon that you need! Check out this kind of stupid vending machine and make sure you bring correct change!

6 Identity theft is the fastest growing crime outside of fashion in 2023 (whats the deal with leggings?), but this case of mistaken identity is a crime on its own! Check out this dad who found a plesent surprise when he cut into his prize watermelon, or so he thought!

7 A picture is worth a thousand words, but this one mostly says three short ones, WTF?

8 Hate parties? Don't like your in-laws? Here's a quick food-slash-life-hack to keep some revenge on tap!

9 Medium, rare, well, it's all personal preference! But a big mi-steak is being mean to whoever's working in the kitchen! If your steak comes out looking like this, well you may have stepped on someone's toes!

10 Think fresh! Asking for extra lettuce, tomatoes, or even cheese is pretty normal when getting your custom sandwich made, but check out what happens when pickle fanatics, like one self-proclaimed pickle monsters, Brittany Pfeifer, get their way. Want some sandwich with those pickles?

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