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Big Fun with Tiny Leaders (My First Game!)

Commander is a huge success at The Orc's Lair. We have a lot of amazing players who come in consistently for events and casual play all week long. Our following is mighty! One of the big requests from our players is to play a game of Commander with yours truly. I have a lovely Jhoira deck that is fun to play with. Love that Suspend ability. Unfortunately, I don't get too many opportunities to join in on the fun since there's match slips to enter, cards to sort, things to price, and all that other store owner stuff.

One of the big draws to Brawl is that I can throw something together with all my one-ofs and have an awesome, fun little deck pretty quick. Another draw, besides it being great for 1v1. is that games are generally a fair bit quicker than a game of Commander. Now, that, I can squeeze in a game or two, get my fix, and get back to work.

Another format in a similar vein that I've been dying to try is Tiny Leaders. Its Commander, 50 card singleton, 25 life, and all your cards need to be 3CMC or less. I have been rallying the troops around The Lair to throw something together. After 20 lands or so, all you need is 30 cards to toss in a deck and have a Tiny Leaders deck ready to go.

Well, today I got to try it! I found the most perfect commander. She's pretty on the eyes, red, and works with tiny dudes. I present to you, Subira, Tulzidi Caravanner, who I am calling Subie for short. As you see, she's 3CMC, 2/3, haste, and makes dudes unblockable is there are power 2 or less. Also, while you're at it, her pay 2 and tap ability lets those unblockable dudes draw you cards, which is always very appreciated in mono red.

So, find quick dudes, 3CMC or less that can swing out and not be blocked. Not hard to do. At first, I thought, little haste dudes would be perfect. But I noted that I ended up letting go of haste for dudes that pumped before combat damage. That way, they can swing in, not be blocked since they are power 2 or less, then pay your pump costs and enjoy the damage.

Along with pumpy dudes, I threw in some of my personal staples that I enjoy. For example, the infamous Ball Lightning. Weighing in at 3CMC, has haste, and hurts with that trample damage. Remember, it's prolly getting chumped by a tiny defender by turn 3.

And, it's not me unless I'm playing Act of Treason and Fling. I'll take your creature, thank you very much, untap it, it gains haste, and I'll use it to swing at you with your own dude (while creating one less blocker in the process), but then.. before I give it back, Fling that poor thing, sac it, and damage you with it. It's called insult to injury. It's naughty, and you (I) deserve coal for Christmas.

Anyway, the deck performed well! It was quick, super fun, and exciting! I played with one of our regulars, Jacob, and he made a cool Orzhov deck using Kambal, Consul of Allocation which did well really against me. He pings me every time I do a non-creature spell. Ouch. We are 1 - 1 as of now. I am looking forward to the rubber matcher tie-breaker next week, Jake!

If you're reading this, throw together a Tiny Leaders deck! It's quick to make, fun to play, and its sure to be a nice, refreshing game that you might have missed out on otherwise.

The Orc Man says, he gives it 5 Flings out of 5.

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