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New Website, Who Dis? Also, its 2020?!

Yep, Rest In Peace, old Orc's Lair website. Although I designed you like it was 2001, you are now designed like its 2012, and that's the future, man! What? Its 2020!? How did that happen? Let's fire things off with a low-fi VCR recording of Turtles in Time. I used to play this game back in the day with my friend Xuong.

He was cool cat. We used to walk home from school, get ice cream from the ice cream truck and get chased by the neighborhood dog. For reals, this one particular dog HATED us! It would snarl and bark and try to bite us through the fence. It was ratty and grey and black, long strands of thick drool would fly out of its tooth-lined mouth as it plotted our demise. One day, we were walking back home and there its was, LOOSE and standing on the corner just waiting for us.

We stopped dead in our tracks. He saw us, we saw him. Time stood still. Before we could breathe, the chase was on! Omg, we ran so fast! I just remember running as fast as we could. At some point, we split off. I jumped a fence to someone's house, no idea who, and I looked and he was running in a b-line in hot pursuit! That dog was not giving up on him! I remember looking, out of breath, as he ran off into the sunset being chased by that nasty hound! That dog wanted blood!

Ahh, memories! I wonder how that kid is. I was hopelessly in love with his neighbor and used to go over to his house to play Mario Kart and chase her around.

I played Turtles in Time a couple days ago, it's a classic. Let's be serious though, if I knew where Diana was, I'd totally chase her around too. I guess some things never change.

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